cement, lime, pulp & paper
cement, lime, pulp & paper

REFRA-Training Center Asia

The seminar in theory and practice for the Asian cement industry.

The REFRA-Training Center Asia imparts theoretical and expert knowledge about the selection, application and proper installation of high grade refractories for our customers in the Asian cement industry.

In order to achieve optimum ­training success, the number of participants in seminars as such is limited to a maximum of 24 persons. The participants may come from all areas of their plants and are mostly plant or production managers, their assistants, chief kiln operators or shift supervisors who are responsible for the proper selection, storage or installation
of refractory materials.

Seminar contents
Detailed knowledge about refractory materials as well as optimised installation methods are most essential for ensuring a smooth operation of cement and lime kilns. Therefore the personnel involved in refractory linings needs to dispose of a broad refractory-related knowledge. The seminar is partic­ularly customised for refractories used in the cement industry.
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