cement, lime, pulp & paper
cement, lime, pulp & paper

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Seminar content.

Detailed knowledge of refractory materials and optimum installation techniques are a precondition for an efficient use and maximum lifetimes in cement producing installations. Such efficiency must be based on a high level of knowledge and training of the responsible staff. This Seminar especially focusses on topics such as:
  • basic knowledge of refractory materials, selection and ­application of refractory bricks and ­concretes, mortars
  • training on brick installation in ­rotary kilns and the different ­methods applied (e.g. using the REFRA-Rig II refractory lining machine)
  • selecting suitable linings for ­problem areas in rotary kilns or static units (e.g. relining of areas with deformed kiln shell in an ­optimum manner)
  • practical exercises in the application of unshaped refractories applying the casting or gunning method
  • extensive information on quality control and test methods in the manufacture of Refratechnik’s refractory products
  • influences exerted on the refractory lifetime by process conditions, burners and use of alternative fuels.‎
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