REFRA-Seminar International

Seminar content.

Detailed knowledge of refractory materials and optimum installation techniques are a precondition for an efficient use and maximum lifetimes. To achieve such efficiency, there must be a high level of knowledge, which is provided to the responsible staff through regular refractory trainings.
The REFRA-Seminar International deals in particular with the following topics:
  • Use of refractory materials depending on the manufacturing process, the type of kiln and the end products
  • Current wall, ceiling and kiln car systems
  • Aspects concerning construction, maintenance measures, basic recommendations
  • Current kiln furniture systems, e.g. reduction of maintenance costs through trouble-free operation
  • Influence possibilities on the energy consumption in the refractory area
Wall system
Corroded wall and stair cracks
Corroded wall
Suspended ceiling system
Fallen suspended ceiling
Corroded suspended ceiling due to alkali attack
Tunnel kiln car construction
Cracks due to accumulation of elements in the joints
Incorrect movement of tunnel kiln cars
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