cement, lime, pulp & paper
cement, lime, pulp & paper

REFRA-Training on site

Seminar content.

REFRA-Training on site focuses on the proper installation of refractory bricks and monolithics in the cement industry. During the training, each participant has the opportunity to apply the knowledge initially acquired in theory by joining one of the small groups of participants who directly practise their skills on site.

In the modular system consisting of two containers the participants are trained on site in installing refractory bricks or in processing and applying refractory monolithics respectively.

The first container, where it is demonstrated how to properly line refractory bricks, is equipped with an extendable kiln shell section with a pneumatically operated bricking rig. The various possibilities of installing refractory bricks in rotary kilns as well as in static units are shown here, too.

All machines and tools required in order to professionally apply refractory monolithics by means of casting and dry gunning methods are maintained in the second container.
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