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REFRA-Training National

Practical training – “Learning by doing”.

Detailed knowledge of refractory materials, optimum installation techniques as well as the timely detection and interpretation of wear incidents are prerequisites for efficient use and maximum service life in cement plants. To achieve such efficiency, a high level of knowledge must be available, which can be delivered to the responsible staff by means of regular refractory training.

The following subject areas are covered in the modules:

Module 1:

The durability of refractory linings has a decisive influence on plant availability and therefore on plant efficiency. As a manufacturer of high-grade refractory products, we view the achievement of continuous improvements in refractory lining durability together with our customers as one of our most important tasks.

This module is a 2-day seminar that covers the following subjects in particular:

  • Basic knowledge of refractory materials, selection and application of refractory bricks, concretes, and mortars.

  • Training on refractory brick installation and the different methods applied (e.g. using the REFRA-Rig II refractory lining machine), selecting suitable linings for critical areas in rotary kilns or static units (e.g. relining of areas with deformed kiln shell in an optimum manner).

  • Practical exercises for the installation of unshaped refractories using the casting or gunning method.

  • Detailed information on quality control and the test methods used in the manufacture of Refratechnik’s refractory products.

  • Influences affecting the refractory lifetime due to process conditions, such as e.g. the use of alternative fuels.

Module 2:

Refractory products are subject to wear. This makes it necessary to evaluate the refractory products used in terms of wear, to analyse the process at this point, and to optimize the liningʻs lifetime.
Process conditions are subjected to certain dynamics, resulting from the plantʻs age, the fuel used, and the plant utilization.
In order to improve assessment and evaluation of wear, participation in Module 2 is ideal, because it is adapted to your personal cooperation.

This module is a 1-day seminar that covers the wear of refractory products:

  • Determining and relating wear under the influence of different criteria such as temperature, chemistry and mechanics as well as combinations thereof.

  • Using own imaging documentation (PowerPoint or similar) or actual wear samples, participants are asked to present their own wear incidents, which are then analysed during the seminar.

  • By means of the "live" analysis, participants are enabled to detect and evaluate wear in their own plants, and then to take suitable measures.

  • Stabilization of own confidence to adapt the refractory products within the range of possibilities according to wear.‎
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